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Exploring the Biology of Ovarian Cancer Transcriptomes

Welcome to Marcos, Jessica, Robbin and Heidi!

The summer has been busy in the Lawrenson lab with welcoming FOUR new team members! Welcome to Marcos, Jessica, Robbin…

Kate at the Keystone Conference – Gene Control in Development and Disease

Come and visit our poster tomorrow – Identifying functional non-coding somatic mutations in epithelial ovarian cancer #KSgene

Dr. Lin’s upcoming seminar in WCP

Join us on Monday for Andrews seminar in the Womens Cancer Program lecture series – “Understanding Enemies by Knowing their…

ARIDA1 Paper Accepted for Publication

Look out in Cancer Letters for an upcoming collaborative paper on the role of ARID1A in endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer. Congratulations…

Congrats KC on the AACR Travel Award

#AACR2017, #lawrensonlab, #superenhancers, #GWAS, #guesswhichPIjustdiscoveredtwitter

Lots of interest in our ovarian transcriptomic studies

Come and say hello in section 17 this afternoon #AACR17 @lawrensonlab @labrazil

More great posters to come!

Come and visit posters from KC and Kate later in the meeting #AACR17. Lawrenson et al. Abstract #2417 – Large scale…

Excitement for Dr. Prendergasts AACR Poster

Exosomal RNA biomarkers create a stir in the first poster session of the conference – nice work Emily and Andrew…

Oncoarray Paper is Out!

Another amazing collaborative effort from OCAC and CIMBA find 12 new risk loci for ovarian cancer histotypes

Lawrenson Lab Presentations at Research Day

Come and see posters by Drs. Lin and Vavra at the Cedars-Sinai Research Day tomorrow – lots of exciting results…

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